The below submissions have been accepted for the Congress.


Title Authors Organization Country
A bibliographic review of trends in the application of ‘criticality’ towards the management of engineered assets Joel Adams, Ajith Parlikad and Joe Amadi-Echendu University of Cambridge United Kingdom
A fault diagnosis system based on empirical mode decomposition and multi-scale entropy for induction motor using current signals Tian Han, Jingyu Yang, Hongbo Li, Andy C.C.Tan University of Science and Technology Beijing China
A Novel Approach to Sensor-less Daylight Harvesting in Commercial Office Buildings B. Harris, J. Montes, N. Forbes QUT / Fredon Australia
A Particle Filtering Approach for Aircraft Structure Life Prediction Xiaotian Wang China Aero-Polytechnology Establishment China
Acoustic Emission technique for monitoring of common faults in diesel engines Andy Tan University Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia
Acoustic signature based early fault detection in rolling element bearings Amir Najafi Amin, Kris McKee, Ilyas Mazhar, Arne Bredin, Ben Mullins and Ian Howard Curtin University Australia
Adapting transport infrastructure to climate change:   Who bears the risk and responsibility? Samantha Hayes Griffith University Australia
Advanced NDT contributing performance evaluation of civil structures Tomoki Shiotani, Takahiro Nishida, Katsufumi Hashimoto, Hisafumi Asaue and Yasushi Tanaka Kyoto University Japan
An approach to quantify assets value according to the ISO 55000 concept Vicente González-Prida Díaz, Adolfo Crespo Márquez, Antonio Guillén, Juan Francisco Gómez Fernández and Antonio De La Fuente University of Seville Spain
An Optimised Energy Saving Model for Pump Scheduling in Wastewater Networks Neda Gorjian Jolfaei, Bo Jin, Christopher Chow, Nima Gorjian and Flavio Bressan University of Adelaide Australia
Analysing an Industrial Safety Process through Process Mining: A Case Study Anastasiia Pika, Arthur H.M. Ter Hofstede, Robert K. Perrons, Georg Grossmann, Markus Stumptner and Jim Cooley Queensland University of Technology Australia
Analysis of dynamic response of thin-walled structure subjected to thermal-acoustic loading Xianglian Li and Shunming Li College of Science, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics China
Analysis of flexural vibration of V-shaped beam immersed in viscous fluids Lu Hu, Wen-Ming Zhang, Han Yan and Hong-Xiang Zou State Key Laboratory of Mechanical System and Vibration, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University China
Assess the Inter-related Impacts of Carbon Taxation, Electric Power Costs and Solar PV Installation Using System Dynamics Modeling Amy Trappey and Charles Trappey National Tsing Hua University Taiwan
Assessing Total Cost of Ownership: Effective asset management along the supply chain Amir Noorbakhsh, Carla Boehl and Kerry Brown Western Australian School of Mines, Curtin University Australia
Assessment of the Impact of Maintenance Integration within a Plant using MFD: A Case Study Hatem Algabroun, Basim Al-Najjar and Anders Ingwald Linnaeus University Sweden
Asset critical equipment and decision optimization: An integrated research platform Pengyu Zhu and Jayantha Liyanage University of Stavanger Norway
Asset Management Performance Measurement Systems   – Why they need to evolve and How Melinda Hodkiewicz, Adolfo Crespo Marquez, Jayantha Prasanna Liyanage and Rob Schoenmaker University of Western Australia Australia
Automated and Predictive Monitoring and Diagnosis in the Energy and Natural Resources Sector Yvonne Power IMPower Technologies Australia
Automated bearing fault diagnostics with cost-effective vibration sensor Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu, Bovic Kilundu Y’Ebondo, Ted Ooijevaar and Steven Devos Flanders Make Belgium
Avoidance of Generator outage by vibration monitoring R.S. Maurya NTPC Ltd. India
Bearing Defect Detection using Envelope Extraction for Dimension Reduction Fang Duan , Michael Corsar ‎, Linghao Zhou ‎, David Mba London South Bank University United Kingdom
Being certain in tomorrow’s uncertainty Ben Hayden Stanwell Australia
Calculation and Analysis of Anti-Shock of Turbocharger for Marine Diesel Engine Lei Hu, Jianguo Yang, Mingchao Zheng and Yonghua Yu College of Energy and Power Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology China
Centrifugal Compressor Diagnosis Using Kernel PCA and Fuzzy Clustering X. Liang, F. Duan, D. Mba, B. Ian London South Bank University United Kingdom
Climate Change and Coastal Transport Infrastructure – How Do We Keep Australia Moving? Greg Fisk , Fahim Tonmoy , David Rissik BMT WBM Pty Ltd Australia
Collaborative Asset Management for Health Care Don Sands Synengco Australia
Combining reliability assessment with maintenance performance analysis using GAMM Adolfo Crespo Márquez, Antonio Sola Rosique, Antonio J. Guillén López, Asier Erguido and Antonio De La Fuente University of Seville Spain
Condition monitoring of rotating machinery with Acoustic Emission: a British-Australian collaboration Davide Crivelli, Simon Hutt, Alastair Clarke, Pietro Borghesani, Zhongxiao Peng and Robert Randall Cardiff School of Engineering United Kingdom
Condition Monitoring of Turbine Generator Using Stator Winding Temperature Fang Qian, Yaoyao Qi and Jun Ling Remote Diagnostic Technology Institute, Shanghai Electric China
Configuration Management – Why Asset Management can’t do without it Greg Wilcock and Peter Knights University of Queensland Australia
Configuring and Optimizing the Maintenance Support Resource Based on a double layer Algorithm Xiwen Wu, Bo Guo, Ping Jiang and Shiyu Gong National University of Defence Technology China
Coordination between Maintenance and Production by means of Auction Mechanisms for Increased Efficiency of Production Systems Günther Prof. Dr.Ing. Schuh and Michael Kurz FIR e. V. an der RWTH Aachen / Institute for Industrial Management Germany
Data Quality in Asset Management – Creating and Maintaining a Foundation for data analytics Allen Tam and Iris Kwan Relken Engineering Australia
Decision-Making in Asset Management under Regulatory Constraints Dragan Komljenovic, Georges Abdul-Nour and Jean-François Boudreau Hydro-Quebec/IREQ Canada
Developing a Standard Framework for Improving Equipment Design based on Operational Performance Data Ahmed Khezam The University of Manchester United Kingdom
Development of autonomous hammering test method for deteriorated concrete structures based on artificial intelligence and 3D positioning system Katsufumi Hashimoto, Tomoki Shiotani, Takahiro Nishida, Hideo Kumagai and Katsuhiko Kokubo Kyoto University Japan
Enablers and barriers of smart data-based asset management services in industrial business networks Toni Ahonen, Jyri Hanski, Helena Kortelainen, Teuvo Uusitalo, Matti Hyvärinen, Henri Vainio, Susanna Kunttu and Kari Koskinen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Finland
Engineering Asset Management for various power generations: common concepts and specificities Jerome Lonchampt EDF France
Engineering asset valuations and financial management Craig Brydges ARMS Reliability Australia
Enterprise Risk Profiling using Asset Transaction History Robin Platfoot Covaris Australia
E-trademark registration services to improve process performance and prevent trademark infringement Charles Trappey, Amy Trappey, Jack Wei-Chih Wang, Kevin Lin and Yu-Rong Hong Management Science, National Chaio Tung University Taiwan
Evaluation of condition and damage in reinforced concrete by elastic wave method Takeshi Watanabe, Hayato Fukutomi, Kohei Nishiyama, Akari Suzuki and Chikanori Hashiimoto Tokushima University Japan
Evolution of infrastructure and asset climate adaption responses Mark Gibbs QUT Australia
Experimental Research on Monitoring Method of Journal Bearing Wear Based on Thermoelectricity for Diesel Engine Biao Wan, Jianguo Yang, Yonghua Yu and Likang Xie School of Energy and Power Engineering,Wuhan University of Technology China
Extract the characteristic frequency of the weak fault signal of blade crack by using the underdetermined blind source separation algorithm-based on SCA Hongkun Li, Changbo He and Xinwei Zhao Dalian university of Tehnology China
Feature analysis of ultrasound signal for diagnosis Donghee Park, Byunghyun Ahn, Hyojung Kim, Jubpil Noh, Byeongkeun Choi GyeongSang National University South Korea
Features analysis of vibration signal according to crack and leakage of heat exchanger tube Jongmyeong Lee, Hyeontak Yu, Jeongmin Ha, Hyomin Jeong and Byeongkeun Choi GyeongSang National University South Korea
Five Future-Proof Steps to Drive Relaibility with IIoT Bill Steele Emerson Automation Solutions Australia
Flood exposure and social vulnerability for prioritizing local adaptation of urban storm water systems Tanvir Ahmed, Abbas El-Zein, Fahim Tonmoy, Federico Maggi, Ken Cheng University of Sydney Australia
From asset provider to knowledge company – transformation in the digital era Helena Kortelainen, Jyri Hanski and Ari Happonen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd Finland
Indirect ship hull condition monitoring using speed and fuel consumption analysis Roar Adland, Pierre Cariou, Haiying Jia and Francois-Charles Wolff Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) Norway
Influence of tooth surface friction on dynamic transmission error of split torque transmission system G.H. Jin, H.Y. Yang, R.P. Zhu, S.M. Li Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics China
Integrated modelling and decision support of continuous production systems Samuel Patterson, Paul Hyland and Talara Berry Queensland University of Technology & Synengco Pty. Ltd. Australia
Investigating the readiness of manufacturing industry to exploit Augmented Reality training packages for corrective and preventative maintenance David Baglee and Sharon McDonald University of Sunderland United Kingdom
Investments Portfolio Optimal Planning Jerome Lonchampt EDF France
Joint Optimization of Preventive Maintenance and Spare Parts Logistics for Multi-echelon Geographically Dispersed Systems Keren Wang and Dragan Djurdjanovic Program of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, University of Texas at Austin USA
LEAN SMART MAINTENANCE – A Value Adding Concept for an Efficient and Intelligent Asset Management Alfred Kinz and Hubert Biedermann Montanuniversity Leoben Austria
Localization of Bluetooth Smart Equipped Assets Based on Building Information Models Mahtab Nezhadasl and Ian Howard Curtin University Australia
Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance Andreas Marhaug and Per Schjølberg NTNU Norway
Maintenance Process Improvement Model by Integrating LSS and PM Optimisation Barrak Alsubaie and Qingping Yang Service Saudi Arabia
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Supply System Integrated Planning at Roy Hill Agata Guzek, Indrasen Naidoo and Carla Boehl Roy Hill Australia
MBVI (Model-based Voltage and Current) systems: a tool for optimising Asset Management Strategies? What they do, how they work and some case study examples. Geoff Walker Artesis LLP United Kingdom
Miantenance Footprints Phillipa O’Shea and Emily Townsend Downer New Zealand New Zealand
Modelling the Effect of Time-dependent Covariates on the Failure Rate of Wind Turbines Feixiang Wu, Yifan Zhou and Jingjing Liu Southeast University China
Modular-based framework of key performance indicators regulating maintenance contracts Mirka Kans and Anders Ingwald Linnaeus University Sweden
NextGen Forward Works Programme Development and Management Phillipa O’Shea Downer New Zealand New Zealand
Novel monitoring of offshore wind turbines supporting structure using acoustic emission technique Ángela Angulo, Tat-Hean Gan, Jamil Kanfoud and Slim Soua TWI Ltd United Kingdom
Novel nondestructive technique of internal deterioration in concrete deck with elastic wave approaches Kazuo Watabe, Hidefumi Takamine, Takahiro Nishida and Tomoki Shiotani Toshiba Corp. Japan
Numerical investigation on vortex-induced vibration energy extraction efficiency of double circular cylinders in tandem arrangement at low Reynolds number Junwu Wu, Zhongjun Yin and Jiusong Zhao School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing China
Optimal Group Preventive Maintenance Policy for Multiple Identical Leased Devices with Weibull Lifetime Distributions by Using Failure Rate Reduction Yu-Tzu Cheng, Ruey-Huei Yeh, Yu-Hong Chen and Wei-Chun Chen National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Taiwan
Optimal Maintenance Clustering for Rail-Track Components Subject to Possession Capacity Constraints Cuong D. Dao, Rob Basten and Andreas Hartmann #REF! #REF!
Optimim age replacement models: The Relevance of complexity in modelling uncertainities Adeyemi John Falade Lycopodium Australia
Overhaul decision of repairable systems based on the power-law model fitted by a weighted parameter estimation method Renyan Jiang Changsha University of Science and Technology, Changsha China
Partners in maintenance – benefits and barriers in using partnering-based maintenance contracts Anders Ingwald Ingwald and Mirka Kans Linnaeus University Sweden
Planning of Step-stress Accelerated Degradation Test Based on Non-stationary Gamma Process Fengjun Duan and Guanjun Wang Southeast University China
Portfolio Management of exploration discovery assets Pipit Hendra Nurwinahyu Pertamina Indonesia
Predicting the remaining life of timber bridges Tane Abbott, Nirdosha Gamage, Sujeeva Setunge and Weena Lokuge University of Southern Queensland Australia
Predictive modelling the Downer way Phillipa O’Shea, Hui Chen and Hamish Featonby Downer New Zealand New Zealand
Predictive Models of Maintenance Needs for Power Distribution Wood Poles Using Machine Learning – A Conceptual Case Study Alexandre Cesa, Carla Boehl and Kecheng Shen Yara Pilbara Fetilizers Australia
Process characteristics and process performance indicators for analysis of process standardization Achim Kampker, Maximilian Lukas and Philipp Jussen FIR e.V. an der RWTH Aachen Germany
Quantification of valve severity in reciprocating compressor by using acoustic emission technique Hoi-Yin Sim, Rahizar Ramli, Ahmad-Saifizul Abdullah and Ming-Foong Soong University of Malaya Malaysia
Quantitative Bowtie Risk Model: An Agile Tool in the Utility Toolkit Daniel Falzon SA Water Australia
Real Time Event-driven Shop Floor Control System Emrah Arica SINTEF Technology and Society Norway
Reciprocating compressor valve leakage detection under varying load conditions Panagiotis Loukopoulos, George Zolkiewski, Ian Bennett, Suresh Sampath, Pericles Pilidis, Fang Duan and David Mba Cranfield University United Kingdom
Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Program at the University of Tennessee Belle Upadhyaya, Mingzhou Jin and Wesley Hines University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA USA
Reliability Modelling and prediction Craig Brydges ARMS Reliability Australia
Research on the Effect of Meshing Impact on Noise Radiation in Planetary Gear Transmission Bau Heyun, Zhu Rupeng, Dai Lin, Li Fengbo Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics China
Risk Application on Infrastructure in Conventional Contract and Performance Based Contract from Perspective of Owner Mochammad Agung Wibowo, Evita Indrayanti, Bagus Hario Setiadji and Asri Nurdiana Diponegoro University Indonesia
Risk prioritisation for Cultural and Arts Infrastructure Andrew Pham, Derren Foster, Christine Soo and Melinda Hodkiewicz University of Western Australia Australia
Seawalls for coastal protection and climate change adaptation: A case study from the Gold Coast Rodger Tomlinson , Leslie Angus Jackson Griffith Centre for Coastal Management Australia
Semi-analytical approach to vibrations induced by oscillator moving on a beam supported by a finite depth foundation Zuzana Dimitrovová DEC/FCT/UNL and IDMEC/IST/UL Portugal
Semiparametric valuation of heterogeneous assets Roar Adland and Sebastian Köhn Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) Norway
Single-Sensor Identification of Multi-Source Vibration Faults based on Power Spectrum Estimation with Application to Aircraft Engines Shunming Li, Yu Xin and Xianglian Li Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics China
Smart Asset Management for Electrical Utilities: Big Data and Future Swasti R. Khuntia Delft University of Technology Netherlands
Statistical analysis for wood poles using sound wood measurements data Allen Tam, Iris Kwan and Mark Halton Relken Engineering Australia
Strategic asset planning: balancing cost, performance and risk in an ageing asset base Ype Wijnia and John de Croon AssetResolutions B.V. Netherlands
Structural Integrity Assessment of Ships and Ship-Shaped Offshore Structures Tat-Hean Gan and Subin Kumaran Brunel University London United Kingdom
Study of the identification and validation of multidisciplinary and specific competencies within a postgraduate program of asset and maintenance management Edward Johns, Simón Gómez, Tomás Grubessich, Raúl Stegmaier and Fredy Kristjanpoller Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María Chile
Study on the vibration reduction performance of smart spring Miaomiao Li, De Ni, Weiming Wu, Rupeng Zhu and Shunming Li Nanjing University Of Aeronautics And Astronautics China
Successful Organisational Development of Asset Management Organisations Jasper Coetzee and Solly Nkosi University of Pretoria South Africa
The design and performance of a novel vibration-based energy harvester adopted various machine rotational frequencies Peter W. Tse and Shilong Sun City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
The design of a novel line-array type of laser source for non-contacted guided waves to inspect the integrity of plates Peter W. Tse and Jingming Chen City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
The feature analysis for fault diagnosis of rotating machine Hyeontak Yu, Byunghyun Ahn, Jungpil Noh, Hyomin Jeong and Byeongkeun Choi GyeongSang National University South Korea
The Implementation of ISO 55000 in Small and Medium Enterprises: Requirements and Constraints Ibifuro Ihemegbulem, David Baglee and Salla Marttnon-Arola University of Sunderland United Kingdom
The Need for Ideology in Critical Infrastructure Management and Resilience Dr. Chiedozie Okoro University of Lagos Nigeria
Theory of Testability Oriented Equipment Health Management Shuming Yang, Xiaofei Zhang and Xiaoyu Wen National Universtiy of Defense Technology China
Ultrasonic Phased Array on Time-of-Flight Diffraction for Non-Destructive Testing via Numerical Modelling Tat-Hean Gan, Channa Nageswaran and Mario Kostan Brunel University London United Kingdom
Use of cyclostationarity to detect changes in gear surface roughness using vibration measurements Xihao Zhang, Wade A. Smith, Pietro Borghesani, Zhongxiao Peng and Robert B. Randall University of New South Wales Australia
Value of Asset Management: Investigation into its determination and measurement Ernst Krauss and Carla Boehl WA School of Mines, Curtin University Australia
Value-based opportunity management process for asset intensive organizations Manuela Trindade, Nuno Almeida, Matthias Finger and Daniel Ferreira IST – University of Lisbon Portugal
Vane Pump Damage Detection via Analysing Synchronously Averaged Vibration Signal Wenyi Wang DST Group Australia
Vibration analysis of machine tools’ spindle units Ali Rastegari Volvo Sweden
VME a tool for risk informed engineering asset management Jerome Lonchampt EDF France