About our Sponsors

About our Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor


Over the last 28 years hundreds of customers in over 24 countries have chosen Mainpac asset management solutions to improve asset performance and optimise maintenance investment.

As part of Mainpac’s commitment to the ongoing development of asset management best practices, Mainpac has a collaborative, research and development relationship with the The Asset Institute. The Asset Institute is headquartered at Queensland’s University of Technology and involves six other Australian universities as well as a range of industry partners and asset management practitioners.

Mainpac provides training and post-sale support services, as well as professional consultancy services to our customers. Through our solutions and service delivery we have forged close and trusting relationships with our long term enterprise customers.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our customers’ requirements, and our track record of service delivery.

Silver Sponsors


Every day, Brisbane City Council works with residents and local communities to help make our city what it is today with a long term vision for the future. It’s that vision and focus that has Brisbane heading in the right direction.

Brisbane City Council is delivering congestion-busting road projects, Australia’s most modern public transport, including the Brisbane metro, as well as the parks and vibrant, liveable communities that residents deserve – all with a strong economy and more local jobs. We’re growing our city while maintaining the character of our suburbs, planning carefully for the inevitable growth and focusing development around transport options.




Fredon is 100% Australian owned and one of the leading national providers of Air, Electrical & Communications, Security and Technology services. We know these services hands on and end to end: from design engineering, through construction and maintenance to management of plant upgrades and end of life.

Our projects have won multiple awards for innovations that engineer systems to use cutting edge technology, use offsite manufacturing to minimise construction waste, and deliver demonstrable long term benefits to clients.

At this conference we are making a novel approach to sensorless daylight harvesting available to the public.

Bronze Sponsors

 QUT is a major Australian university with a global outlook and a real-world focus. We are one of the nation’s fastest growing research universities and our courses are in high demand. Our graduates include eight Rhodes Scholars, five of these awarded in the past six years.

We are an ambitious and collaborative institution that seeks to equip our students and graduates with the skills they’ll need in an increasingly disrupted and challenged world. We are transforming the student experience we offer our 50,000 students and we place a premium on the international and national accreditation of our various professional degrees.

Our internationally award-winning Science and Engineering Centre is home to The Cube, acknowledged as one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces. We established the world’s first Creative Industries Faculty, and we invest heavily in collaborative learning and interdisciplinary research environments.

Synengco Pty Ltd (Synengco) is a specialist engineering firm and the proud developer of the award winning SentientSystem® software. Synengco has been servicing industries around the world since 2001. Our software is currently used to manage more than $8 billion of assets worldwide.

At K2Fly we specialise in the provision of infrastructure asset management for industry via software technology platforms and services. Our technology allows an organisation to manage and maintain its asset data and deliver more effective and efficient outcomes. K2Fly has a strong track record of empowering organisations to make better informed long-term decisions in relation to the operation, management and maintenance of its physical assets.


K2Fly was established in January 2016 having been spun out of K2Technology, a leading consultancy firm. Since commencing operation as a standalone company and listing on the ASX, K2Fly has further developed in-house software, as well as searched globally for market-leading intellectual property to re-sell to the Australian market. In addition to software and technology we have recruited subject matter experts who are capable of delivering leading edge advice and consultancy services.

NMEMS Research Technology Organization is a non-profit technology research association established in July, 2011.The organization aims to promote research and development of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), sensor network and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies by combining emerging technologies through collaboration among industry, government and academia in Japan. Currently the organization carries out several national projects such as Road Infrastructure Monitoring System (RIMS) Project, Utility Infrastructure Core Monitoring System (UCoMS) Project, and Learning based Smart Sensing System (LbSS) Project sponsored by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization).

RedEye is a disruptive tech business, and the first software business to make engineering data truly mobile. Established in Brisbane in 2012 by Wayne Gerard and Randall Makin, RedEye is one of Australia’s fastest growing startups with an expanding global footprint.

RedEye’s cloud-based solutions help asset owners and their service providers improve their productivity and safety, while reducing business risks and costs. With a mission to reinvent the way people work, the company has pioneered a new product category of Engineering Data Management.  Taking a partnership approach to product development, RedEye’s solutions are built by the industry, for the industry.

In 2016, RedEye launched its workforce mobility solution, which can be used by professionals in any industry or sector.

The RedEye team are passionate contributors to the startup community, helping to drive world leading innovation and a diverse workforce culture and supporting new entrants to Australian startup ecosystem.


AssetFinda, a world leading asset management systems has revolutionized asset management industry. AssetFinda provides detailed asset information anytime, anywhere on any device, created for specific industries including government, electrical and utility providers, mining, and oil and gas companies. The true value of the product, empowers organisations to maximize value for money and optimize your service delivery.

AssetFinda, a web based, global leader in enterprise asset management and work order management software turns ordinary spreadsheets into detailed visualisation of mapped data for both office and field users. Our unique difference is AssetFinda is built on GIS (Mapping) technology, meaning AssetFinda can represent data in a map window. This ties back to a single database solution which is easily connected to a large corporate wide system/s which optimises and streamlines the asset management cycle. Everything from unlimited asset registers for a wide range of asset groups, issues and tracking of maintenance events, provides access to all users including mobile applications for field users, featured dashboards, asset accounting depreciation and valuation reports, customised report builders, long-term strategic and predictive models often used in corporate asset management plans and much more.

Request Direct is a leading software developer of enterprise cloud and AI connected UAV drone software solutions for automated Asset Inspection, Infrastructure Management, Aerial Surveying, Aerial Spotting, Search and Rescue.

Combined with the Request Direct Cloud, they provide a powerful way for organisations to easily collect and share data globally in real time.



SAVTek distributes earthquake monitoring instrumentation for buildings, dams, bridges, industrial plants and infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand.

Seismic monitoring solutions are manufactured by Bartec-SYCOM in Switzerland with local support by SAVTek staff.

SYSCOM instruments are utilized worldwide; including SIL certified nuclear plant shutdown systems in China and the USA.


Springer, part of Springer Nature, is the world’s leading book and journal publisher in science and engineering. We have particular strengths in mechanics, manufacturing and reliability engineering.

Springer is able to achieve the maximum possible dissemination of our authors’ work. We make your book available in all feasible formats, be it as an eBook, a printed copy, a Kindle edition or a low-priced printed students’ MyCopy for eBook licensees. This multi-faceted approach guarantees the worldwide dissemination of your work to as many readers as possible. In addition to full length monographs we can now also publish shorter, topical, books on cutting-edge research and practical applications of 50 to 125 pages as part of the SpringerBriefs series.

Come to the Springer booth in the conference exhibition to see a selection of our books and journals in engineering and meet with Springer’s editor, Anthony Doyle, to discuss your publishing projects. We welcome new book proposals.